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Our Management Team


Hon. Uche Obiozor

is the managing director at LPConsult and PropertiesLtd. He is a vibrant and articulate managing director at the firm. He is a seasoned administrator and a young dynamic entrepreneur. Hon UcheObiozor is in charge of project coordination and management.


Dr. John Vercellotti

at V-LAB, Inc, is the independent Chief Chemist, and products analyst for the four companies. Dr.Vercellotti is a first class American chemist who has worked for USFDA, USEPA in product analysis, development, and approval for commercialization. He has over forty years’ experience in chemistry and hold PHD in Chemistry.


Sandra Prince

is the director of GO4CAPITAL LLC. She holds degree in computer science and business leadership. She served in USA Air Force for over 20 years managing budgets, procurements, and the last four years of her military carrier was teaching new cadets about leadership and personal responsibility.


Mr. Cy Obiozor

is the director of operation at Caius & Companies Nig Ltd. He is a USA educated and director. He brings business management experience, business crisis management, business leadership, and full knowledge of African business/ Operation.


Emeka Egbufoama

is the Chairman/ Chief Technical Officer at Whaste Technology, Inc, Caius & CompaniesNig Ltd and the Chief global Strategist for GO4CAPITAL LLC. He is Chemist and a technologist. He holds several USA patents and he is responsible for bringing every innovative idea to realityandfruition.


Dr. Damian Nnakwe

is the Chief Marketing Officer. He has over 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing strategies. He also taught marketing at Illinois State University Normal Illinois before joining GO4Capital LLC two years ago. He was a marketing director at 3DM, a software development company which was acquired by Sony. Dr. D. Nnakwe holds a PhD in Administration Curriculum and Instruction.


Mrs. Steve Addam

is the Chief Financial Officer at GO4Capital LLC. Before joining the company, Mr. Paul Williams was the CFO at 3DM. He has twenty-five years experience as Certified Accountant and also has experience in preparing companies for public offering.



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