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About Us

We are four USA based independent environmental engineering firms that share innovative ideas and our subsidiary in Nigeria is called Caius & Companies Nig Ltd

We Are Consultants

We provide consultation services in environment pollution management and disposals. We also provide innovative technologies, services, and products for remediation applications. 

We Are Experienced

We have over 65 years experience combined in removing hydrocarbon sludge, chemical sludge, biological sludge, and heavy metals from soil surface, beneath soil surface, ground water, and water ways. The sludge is converted into commercial useable product(s).

We Are Innovative

WTI provides innovaive technologies, products and services for industrial use. At WTI we believe in better environments and that 75 percent of the industrial waste should be converted to commercial sellable products to reduce the impact on the environment and economy as there are increase in populations growth.

Emerging markets

For the past few years our firm has invested in emerging market. We have spent large resources in analyzing the continent for job growth and revenue growth for government and private sectors. We also focused our analysis in less government borrowing and we identify ways the federal and state governments can selfly fund projects.
By using our software we are able to identify the following:

  • The amount of revenue into the federal treasury.
  • The projected job growth for professional and skilled workers.
  • Ways the government can fund road constructs, electricity projects, water and waste water treatment facilities.

Our Nigeria Partners

Our Nigeria business partner is LP Consult & Properties Ltd which is an environmental forestation and deforestation firm. It also provides management, investment, logistics and revenue collection for the Federal Ministries. LP Consult & Properties Ltd is globally recognized and sought after by various frontline clients. LP Consult & Properties LTD has the finacial capability to furnishing feature contracts and investments. LP Consults & Properties LTD success stories are reflected in the services it continues to render to its clients, partners and outside Nigeria




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