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Our Services

Our line of work include the following:

  • G-Unit Stimulator (Soil Stimulator Application)
  • Strippers and Trapper (Ground Water and Water Cleaning)
  • Soil, Water and Gas Stabilizer (Landfill Technology)
  • Technology Transfers
  • Solid Waste Technologies and Services
  • Sludge to Renewable Energy Products
  • Industrial Cleaning Agents
  • Chemical Mutation
  • Software Modeling
  • Equipment Modifications and Retrofitting
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Computer Software
  • Technology Transfer and Service Training
  • Entertainment Distribution Software
  • Ground Water and Water Way Cleaning
  • Liquid Waste Removal (Hydrocarbon, Chemical, Biological and Heavy Metal
  • Ground Water and Water Way Cleaning
  • Land Fill Soil and Ground Water Monitoring
  • Agro-Science (Generic Mutations and Organic Preservations)



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